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(Works on both Windows and Mac) πŸ’»

How to Put Gmail on Desktop

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Need to check Gmail? Buried in tabs?

Ugh! πŸ™„ Me too.

So like you, first I Googled, “Gmail on Desktop App” …

Only to be greeted with this crap πŸ’€


Wait, There isn’t an official Gmail desktop app?

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There Is No Official Gmail Desktop App Either for Windows or Mac “Yet”.

Although there is no official Gmail app for Windows” … Gmail is a web app and is already “Installed” on Chrome.

All you gotta do is simply add the Gmail desktop shortcut.

(Or start menu or taskbar for that matter).

(Chrome) How to Create Gmail On Desktop Shortcut in Chrome

1. Go to chrome://apps.

2. Right-click on Gmail and tick the Open in Window check box.

3. And click on Create Shortcut, like this πŸ‘‡


Then, Select where you want to create the shortcut, (on the Desktop, Start Menu, or the Taskbar), and click Create“.




I did it …

It really looks like an officially installed app.

Cool! πŸ‘

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Another quick way to do that is:

  1. Go to Gmail Website
  2. Click on the three dots up top in Chrome
  3. Go to: Save and Share
  4. Click on either Install this Page as an App or Create Shortcut

(Edge) How to Create Gmail Desktop Shortcut in Microsoft Edge

Simply go to Gmail in Edge and click on the three dots up top.


Then go to Apps” > “Install this site as an app.


Follow the on-screen prompt as before.

(Firefox) How to Create Gmail Desktop Shortcut in Firefox

This one is straightforward.

Just go to Gmail … see that padlock icon to the left of the address bar?


Simply drag and drop it to your desktop.


Now you have a shortcut directly to Gmail.

Good job!



The shortcut icon looks ugly tho …

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First, get this Gmail Icon (ICO File).

Right-click on the shortcut and go to Properties“.


Then click on Change Icon.


Click on Browse.


Choose the Gmail.ICO (Gmail Icon File).

And click on Open“.


Click Ok, and one more time click OK“.


Now you have the official Gmail Icon, as your shortcut!


(Safari) How to Create Gmail Desktop Shortcut in Mac

This is also basically the same as Firefox.

Except instead of dragging the padlock, in this case, you drag the entire URL to the desktop.


Using Gmail Offline

As a last tip, I’ll show you how you can use Gmail Desktop Offline.

Open your new Gmail “App” using the shortcut we created.

Then go to the Gear Icon βš™οΈand click on All Settings“.


Now in the Settings menu, click on the Offline tab.

It’s around the end (to the right) πŸ‘‡…


Check the box next toEnable offline mail“.

Specify whether to keep or remove the data from your computer and after how many days.

Then click on Save Changes“.

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Method 01

  1. Go to chrome://apps.
  2. Right-click on Gmail.
  3. Tick the Open in Window checkbox.
  4. Click on Create Shortcut“.
  5. Choose Desktop, Start Menu, or Taskbar, then click Create“.

Method 02

  1. Go to the Gmail website.
  2. Click on the three dots in the top right of Chrome.
  3. Go to Save and Share“.
  4. Click on Install this Page as an App or Create Shortcut“.

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