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Social media is a beast. πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

It needs automation or some sort of management. Otherwise it's chaos!

The 9 All Time Best Social Media Management Tools

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Do you think YouTubers like Cleo Abram with millions of followers are glued to their screens?

Always scrolling, posting, and commenting?


No? πŸ€”

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No! They have a team of freelancers. And the freelancers probably use some kind of social media management tool.

Automation and repurposed content … that’s how it works.

Otherwise they’ll compromise content quality.


I’m here to help you do the same.

Streamlining Stuff and Cutting Down on Repetition Matters.

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The tools below will do the social media hustle for you.

You set up posts on different platforms ahead of time, keep tabs on interactions and stats, and even handle your brand’s rep.

Let’s go.

1. Buffer

Buffer helps you stay organized and active on social media. I love its simplicityΒ which makes scheduling posts obvious.

Unlike most others, it gives you a free plan. It’s a good way to get introduced with the platform with out spending a dime.

The free plan gives you up to Up to 3 channels and 10 scheduled posts per channel (at the same time).

Buffer is kind of hot right now …


Supported Socials: Facebook, Google Business, Instagram, Linkedin, Mastodon, Pinterest, Shopify, Tiktok, Twitter, Youtube, Threads



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Apart from the free plan, Buffer starts at $6/Mo per Channel.


$6 Per Month? Can’t really complain.

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Yes, that give you unlimited channels, + Engagement and Analytics



  • Add a link in the comments to scheduled LinkedIn posts.
  • Post Scheduling. Allows you to schedule posts for later automatic publishing.
  • Start Page. Build a flexible landing page that brings together all of your best content in one place.
  • Analytics. Check your likes, shares, comments, retweets, with out logging in to each socials account.
  • Buffer Pablo. Create visually appealing images for social media posts. (I’d use Canva though).
  • Team Collaboration. (on higher-tier plans).
  • Browser Extension. Share and schedule content directly from any webpage you’re viewing.
  • Content Calendar. Editable overview of your scheduled posts across all your platforms.
  • Capterra Rating of 4.5⭐

Buffer AI Assistant allows you to generate ideas in just a click and repurpose your existing content dozens of times.

2. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is the next obvious go to …

Although It’s not the cheapest one out there. It’s a powerful tool for social listening and engagement, especially for larger organizations.

While buffer calls them “channels”, the socials you can connect here are called “streams”.


Supported Socials: Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.


How much does it cost?

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Starts at $99/Mo



  • Streams. Hootsuite’s interface is built around the concept of ‘streams’ which are essentially customizable columns of real-time social media updates from different platforms.
  • Hootsuite Amplify. An employee advocacy tool that allows your team members to share approved content across their personal networks, thereby expanding your reach.
  • Hootsuite Insights. An advanced tool for social listening and sentiment analysis.
  • Capterra Rating of 4.4⭐

Hootsuite’s App Directory allows integration with a host of third-party applications, including CRM, analytics tools, content management systems, and more.

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Moving on to the third one …

3. Sprout Social

Sprout Social is known for providing in-depth analytics and robust reporting features.

This is one of those premium all-in-one social media management platforms, it doesn’t have a free plan although a 30-Day trial is offered.


Supported Socials: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube.


What is the price tag?

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Sprout Social comes in at $249/Mo per user. (And that’s the base price πŸ˜…).



  • Deep-Dive Analytics. Sprout Social is highly regarded for its in-depth, presentation-ready analytics and reporting features.
  • Smart Inbox. Similar to Hootsuite’s “Streams”. You can also set up keyword searches to monitor mentions of your brand or relevant topics.
  • Social CRM. Better understand and connect with your audience by compiling contact histories and user profile data.
  • Social Listening. Sprout Social’s social listening tools allow you to monitor keywords, competitors, and trends in your industry.
  • Bot Builder. Sprout Social lets you create, preview, and deploy custom chatbots on Facebook and Twitter, offering automated customer support.

Sprout Social’s advocacy tool, helps you turn your employees into brand advocates by encouraging them to share approved content.

4. CoSchedule

CoSchedule is primarily a content marketing tool that shines in the area of content scheduling and project management.

It’s unique for its integration with WordPress and its “ReQueue” feature, which automatically fills your content calendar with your best posts.


Supported Socials: Facebook, Google Business, Instagram, LinkedIn, Mastodon, Pinterest, TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube Shorts.


Does it have a free plan?

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Yes, CoSchedule offers a free plan in which you get to connect only Connect 2 Social Profiles, and Up to 15 Scheduled Social Messages.

The next base price is $19/Mo with 5 Social Profiles and Unlimited Social Media Publishing.



  • Marketing Calendar. A visual calendar layout that integrates with your blogging, email marketing, and social media efforts.
  • ReQueue. This is a standout feature in CoSchedule. It automatically fills your content calendar with your best-performing posts.
  • Task Templates. Create reusable checklists for common projects.
  • Headline Analyzer. CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer helps optimize your blog post titles for SEO, shares, and traffic, providing useful feedback to improve your headlines.
  • Capterra RatingΒ of 4.4⭐

Integration with WordPress using the CoSchedule Plugin Schedule blog posts and social media posts together.

Marketing Automation at least Doubles Engagement, and Triples Launch Speed.

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On to the next one …

5. Agorapulse

Agorapulse offers a comprehensive set of features for managing social media, but its standout feature is the “social inbox”.

This aggregates all your social media messages into a single place, making it easier to manage and respond to interactions.


Supported Socials: Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google Business


How expensive is it?

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$49/Mo per User will give you 10 social profile connections. (Base Price).



  • Advanced Social Inbox. Collects all your social media messages, comments, and mentions in one place, making it easier to manage and respond to all interactions.
  • Competitor Analysis. Scan your competitors’ social media performance, get an idea of their strategies and how you compare.
  • Facebook Ad Comments Management. A feature that sets Agorapulse apart is its ability to manage comments on your Facebook ads in the same inbox where you handle organic comments.
  • Social Publishing. Optimize every piece of content you schedule and post to your social media profiles.
  • User Profiling. User profile for everyone who interacts with your social media profiles, allowing you to understand your audience better and track individual user history.
  • Social Media ROI. See what posts and conversations are driving sales, leads, and traffic. All without having to be a Google Analytics expert.
  • Capterra Rating 4.5⭐

What makes agora pulse different is the Social Media ROI feature. It lets you see what posts and conversations are driving sales, leads, and traffic. All without having to be a Google Analytics expert.

6. Sendible

Sendible focuses on stuff like Flexibility and Scalability.

It’s s a robust social media management tool that stands out for its customizable reporting and strong keyword monitoring capabilities.

It also allows you to create a new revenue stream by white-labeling the platform for your clients.


Supported Socials: TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Business, YouTube,


What’s the price tag on this one?

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The Creator (Base) Plan starts at $29/Mo and it goes upward from there.

Free trial is available as well …



  • White label social media. Customisable social media management software under your own brand.
  • Custom Reports. Highly customizable, brandable reports.
  • Integration with Canva.
  • Social Inbox. Gathering all your social interactions in one place for easy management.
  • Bulk Scheduling. Sendible allows you to schedule multiple posts at once with its bulk upload feature, which can be a significant time-saver for businesses managing high volumes of posts.
  • Capterra Rating 4.6⭐

Sendible also helps you discover new content to share with your audience based on your selected interests, which can be a major time-saver for content creation.

7. Social Pilot

Social Pilot is a cost-effective social media scheduling and analytics tool.

Its standout feature is the ability to bulk schedule posts using a simple text file.


Supported Socials: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Business, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, TikTok


What’s the damage to my wallet gonna be?

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Social Pilot starts at $25.5/Mo (Allow up to connecting 10 Social Media Accounts).



  • Bulk Scheduling. SocialPilot’s bulk scheduling feature allows you to schedule up to 500 posts at a time.
  • Client Management. This feature allows agencies to manage multiple clients without sharing login details.
  • Content Library. A content curation and discovery tool, helping you find relevant content to share with your audience.
  • White Label Solutions. For agencies, SocialPilot offers white label solutions, enabling them to present customized reports with their own logo and branding to clients.
  • Social Inbox. SocialPilot also includes a social inbox for managing all your social media conversations from one place, improving response times and customer interaction.
  • Integrations. Apps and Extenstions.
  • Capterra Rating 4.4⭐

Social Pilot’s unique features include a consolidated social inbox, simplifying message management across platforms, and a bulk scheduling feature.

8. Later

Later is a visually oriented social media platform, primarily for Instagram but also supporting other platforms.

It shines with its visual content calendar and Instagram Story scheduling capabilities.

The “Linkin.bio” feature is another standout, enabling users to direct followers from Instagram posts to specific product pages or other online resources.


Supported Socials: Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube


How expensive is it?

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Starter plan is $16.67/Mo

That allows you to connect one account per each supported social platform.



  • Visual Content Calendar. Drag-and-drop visual content calendar to plan and schedule your social media posts.
  • Linkin.bio. This feature creates a clickable, shoppable link to put in your Instagram bio, helping to drive traffic from Instagram to your website or online store.
  • Best Time to Post. Later’s ‘Best Time to Post’ feature uses your account’s historical performance data to determine when your audience is most active, helping you to maximize engagement.
  • Saved Captions. This feature allows you to create a library of saved captions, which can be a major time-saver for brands that use certain hashtags or phrases frequently.
  • Capterra Rating 4.4⭐

Later is designed specifically for visually-oriented platforms like Instagram and Pinterest.

It provides tools to help you find and repost user-generated content while giving proper credit to the original creator.

Capterra It Self Holds a 4.1 out of 5 Stars Rating on Trustpilot.

9. MeetEdgar

MeetEdgar is a social media management tool known for its automatic content recycling, which sets it apart from many other tools in the market.

This unique feature enables the platform to automatically reshare your best content at regular intervals, keeping your social media profiles active and engaged even when you’re not posting new content.

This is particularly valuable for evergreen content that remains relevant over time.


Supported Socials: Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google Business


How expensive is it?

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$24.91/Mo for 5 Social Account Connections



  • Automated Content Resharing. MeetEdgar’s standout feature is its ability to automatically reshare your evergreen content. The tool recycles your older updates when you’ve run out of new ones.
  • Content Categorization. You can create and categorize your content by type, such as blogs, tips, promotions, and then create a schedule based on these categories.
  • Auto-Variations. Automatically writes status updates for you based on your blog post or page content.
  • A/B Testing for Twitter. MeetEdgar is one of the few tools that offer the ability to test different variations of messaging for Twitter, enabling you to identify what types of content perform best with your audience.
  • Unlimited Content Library. For storing and organizing your social media updates.
  • Capterra Rating 4.6⭐

MeetEdgar uniquely offers automatic content recycling. It stands out for its ability to reshare your best content periodically, thereby keeping your social media profiles active and engaged even when you’re not posting new content.



What is a social media management tool?

A tool that enable scheduling posts in advance, analyzing performance, engaging with followers, and managing multiple social accounts from one dashboard.

What is the main feature of a social media management tool?

The ability to schedule and publish content to multiple social platforms all in one place. Rather than logging into each account separately.

What are three effective techniques for social media management?

  • Listening and Responding. Monitor conversations happening around your brand and engage appropriately with feedback, questions, etc.
  • Scheduling Regular Content. Use a content calendar to plan and schedule posts evenly over time to keep social accounts active.
  • Analyzing Performance. Use built-in analytics to see what content resonates best with your audience and generate more of that high-performing content.

What is the 5-5-5 social media strategy?

The 5-5-5 social media strategy recommends posting to social media accounts at least 5 times per week, mixing up content across 5 categories (like quotes, behind-the-scenes, user-generated, etc), and spending no more than 5 minutes scheduling each post.


Look, staying on top of multiple social accounts is tough. I’ve sooo been there! That’s why you gotta use tools like Buffer to schedule content ahead of time. Analyze what works and doesn’t – then do more of what makes your audience happy! Keep up with algorithm changes and new features too. Social platforms are always shaking things up.

We discussed the best tools for streamlining your social media management. How to effectively schedule content across platforms, respond to customers in real-time, analyze performance to refine your approach, and more. Phew, that’s a lot I know! But taking it step by step will get your social media under control.


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