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Rebrandly: URL Shortening and Branded Links

Rebrandly is a powerful URL shortening and branded link management platform that allows users to create custom short links, track clicks, and manage their branded links for marketing and branding purposes.



Rebrandly is a versatile platform that offers URL shortening and branded link management capabilities. With Rebrandly, users can create custom short links using their own branded domain, making their links more memorable and promoting their brand. The platform provides advanced link management features, allowing users to track link clicks, analyze link performance, and gain insights into audience engagement. Rebrandly also offers link retargeting, allowing users to add retargeting pixels to their short links and reach their audience across different platforms.

It supports link customization, enabling users to create descriptive and SEO-friendly links. With features like link expiration, link editing, and link categorization, Rebrandly provides robust control and management over branded links. Whether for social media marketing, email campaigns, or overall brand promotion, Rebrandly serves as a valuable tool for creating and managing custom short links with a professional and branded touch.

Key Features

  • URL shortening and branded link management platform
  • Custom short links using branded domains
  • Link click tracking and performance analytics
  • Audience engagement insights through link tracking
  • Link retargeting for multi-platform reach
  • Link customization for descriptive and SEO-friendly links
  • Link expiration, editing, and categorization features
  • Integration with popular platforms and tools
  • API access for custom integrations
  • Collaboration and team management capabilities