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SendOwl: Sell Digital Products

SendOwl is an e-commerce platform that specializes in selling and delivering digital products, providing features for product management, secure file delivery, and payment processing.



SendOwl is a comprehensive e-commerce platform that caters specifically to the sale and delivery of digital products. With SendOwl, users can easily set up and manage their digital product store, offering features for product creation, pricing, and customization. The platform supports various digital product types, including e-books, software, videos, courses, and more. SendOwl provides secure file hosting and delivery, ensuring that customers can securely access and download their purchased products.

It offers integration with popular payment gateways, allowing users to accept payments from customers around the world. The platform also provides tools for managing orders, tracking sales, and generating reports. Whether for independent creators, small businesses, or large enterprises, SendOwl serves as a reliable platform for selling and delivering digital products with ease.

Key Features

  • E-commerce platform specialized in digital products
  • Easy setup and management of digital product stores
  • Product creation, pricing, and customization options
  • Support for various digital product types
  • Secure file hosting and delivery for purchased products
  • Integration with popular payment gateways
  • Order management, sales tracking, and reporting tools
  • Customer management and support features
  • Affiliate management and marketing capabilities
  • Customizable checkout process and branding options

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