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StreamYard: Live Streaming and Video Production

StreamYard is a powerful live streaming and video production platform that allows users to broadcast and produce high-quality live streams, interviews, webinars, and virtual events.



StreamYard is a versatile platform that empowers users to create and broadcast professional live streams, interviews, webinars, and virtual events. With StreamYard, users can easily go live on popular platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more, simultaneously reaching their audience across multiple channels. The platform offers features for live streaming, including customizable overlays, branding elements, and screen sharing capabilities. Users can invite guests and co-hosts to join their live broadcasts, fostering collaborative discussions and interviews. StreamYard provides interactive tools such as live chat moderation, audience comments display, and audience participation through polls and questions. It also offers post-production features, allowing users to repurpose and share recorded live streams. Whether for content creators, businesses, or event organizers, StreamYard serves as a reliable platform for engaging live broadcasts and virtual interactions.

Key Features

  • Live streaming and video production platform
  • Broadcasting high-quality live streams, interviews, webinars, and virtual events
  • Simultaneous live streaming on multiple platforms
  • Customizable overlays and branding elements
  • Screen sharing capabilities for presentations and demonstrations
  • Invite guests and co-hosts for collaborative discussions
  • Interactive features like live chat moderation and audience participation
  • Post-production tools for repurposing recorded live streams
  • Integration with popular streaming platforms and social media channels
  • Reliable and user-friendly interface for seamless broadcasting
  • Analytics and metrics for measuring live stream engagement