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Codepen: Front-End Dev Playground

CodePen is an online code editor and development playground that allows developers to write, share, and experiment with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code in a collaborative environment.



CodePen is a popular web-based platform that provides developers with a versatile code editor and a virtual sandbox to explore front-end web development. Users can create and modify HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code in real-time, seeing the results instantly in the built-in preview window.

CodePen offers a range of tools and features, including live collaboration, code sharing, and the ability to view and fork other users’ projects for learning and inspiration. It supports various libraries and frameworks, such as Bootstrap and React, enabling developers to experiment with different technologies. CodePen is widely used by developers, designers, and learners as a valuable resource for prototyping, testing code snippets, and showcasing their work.

Key Features

  • Online code editor for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Real-time preview of code changes
  • Collaboration features for live coding sessions
  • Code sharing and project embedding
  • Access to a vast collection of user-generated code snippets
  • Support for popular libraries and frameworks
  • Customizable project settings and preferences
  • Community-driven platform with active sharing and feedback
  • Ability to fork and modify existing projects
  • Educational resources and tutorials for learning web development