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Perplexity AI

Perplexity is an AI chatbot that can answer questions and provide summaries of factual topics to quickly search and discover information.

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According to Our Estimations, in the Past 12 Months, the Term "Perplexity AI" Consistently Maintained an Average of 217K Monthly Searches on Two of the Biggest Search Engines on the Planet.


We Discover New Trends by Hand, With Real Expertise. No Ai Magic Here. (Although, We Use a Proprietary Algo to Organize the Data). Because the Data Is Received Straight From the Search Engines, Everything Is 99% Assured to Be Accurate, Down to the Decimal.

The Number of Times a Specific Keyword Is Looked Up Within a Given Time Period. "Perplexity AI", for Example, Was Searched 854K Times in the Last 30 Days. (And You Can Find the Volume for Other Months in the Graph).

It's the Percentage That Appears Beneath the Primary Keyword and Shows Its Volume Change Since the Uptrend Began up Until Last Month. This Is in Contrast to Tools Like Exploding Topics, Which Measure From Near-Zero Values, Resulting in Exaggerated Changes.

This Represents the keyword's 'Authority' Based on Its History, Serving as a Reliability Measure. It's Calculated via Our Proprietary Algorithms and Rated on a 1-100 Scale (For Informational Purposes Only).

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