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Pi: Personal AI Assistant

Pi AI is a personal artificial intelligence assistant designed to provide supportive, smart, and readily available assistance anytime, anywhere.



Pi AI is an innovative personal assistant powered by artificial intelligence. It is designed to be supportive, smart, and available anytime you need it. Pi AI can provide advice, answer questions, and engage in meaningful conversations.

It is designed to help users organize their thoughts, make clear plans, and act on them – whether they’re changing jobs, trying to get healthier, or learning a new skill. Pi AI is a product of Inflection AI, aiming to give people a new way to express themselves, share their curiosities, explore new ideas, and experience a trusted personal AI.

Key Features

  • Personal AI assistant available anytime
  • Provides advice and answers to questions
  • Helps organize thoughts and make clear plans
  • Supports personal growth and skill development
  • Facilitates expression and exploration of new ideas