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Welcome to Xrilion. By hanging out on our website ("Site"), you're saying "yes" to our rules and conditions. If you don't get it or don't agree, please stop using our services and talk to us. I know you can do it. These, along with our Privacy Notice, set the stage for how we (Xrilion LLC, the folks behind the Site) and you (the awesome person using or looking at our Site) interact. When we say "Provider," "us," or "we," we mean Xrilion, the owner of the Site. And "you"? Well, that's you, our valued visitor. Cool? Cool. The use of the Site is subject to the following terms of use:

Served Content.

The website obviously has things like text, images, opinions, suggestions, and links ("Content"). It's all there for you to use, but We don't promise it's 100% accurate or complete. Xrilion can change stuff on the website or the products mentioned anytime, without telling you. Xrilion or its partners own all the rights to the software on the website, including things like code, APIs, documentation, and other techy stuff ("Software Content").

Refund Policy

Once you buy a digital product, that's it. No refunds. But if you have trouble getting or downloading the product, just give us a shout, and we'll help you out. Exceptions (Because Stuff Happens): Didn't Get Your Product? If you don't get the delivery email, let us know within 3 days, and we'll sort it out. You can also re-download from your Sendowl account or ask Xrilion for a download link. If you don't, we'll assume everything's fine, and you won't be able to complain later. If something's actually really wrong with the product (though that's rare), tell us, and we'll try to fix it asap. We're not responsible if our products don't play nice with other software that we didn't say they'd work with. And we don't give refunds or support for those issues.

Privacy Policy

You have rights over your info. You can ask to see it, ask us to update it, or even tell us to delete it. Just reach out to us, and we'll help you out. If you ever change your mind about us using your info, you can withdraw your consent, and we'll respect that.

Cookie Policy

Essential cookies make our site work properly. They remember things like what's in your shopping cart or your preferred settings. Advertising Cookies show you ads that might interest you. They help us understand what you like so we can show you relevant stuff. Analytic Cookies help us understand how people use our site. We can see what's popular and what's not, and make our site better for you. It's all about improving your experience.

User Compliance

License ‍Agreement

You can use our stuff for personal or business projects, even for your clients. Feel free to tweak them to fit your needs. But remember, you can't sell our products as your own or share the source files. And don't copy how we do things. And definitely don't imitate us. We still own everything WE OFFER, and you've got to play by our rules. Of course, sometimes we use images or names of third-party products. The rights to those belong to their owners, not us. Make sure you get permission from them if you need to use those assets.

You're free to use our freebies or paid products for your projects. But we're not responsible for any issues that come up from using our materials. And hey, we might change our prices or rules, so keep an eye out for that.

GDPR Compliance

Copyright & Trademarks

Third Parties


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Logo Guidelines

When mentioning our products or content online, we kindly request that you use our brand-provided logo package. This ensures consistent and accurate representation of our brand identity. For access to our logo package, please use the download link provided below.


Term Updates

Every now and then, the Terms might get a little makeover. We can change them whenever we want, with out prior notice. (Although we'd probably notify you if you're subbed to our newsletter). It's on you to keep an eye on the Terms and check for updates. If you keep using the Websites after the Terms change, that means you're cool with the new rules. If the new Terms don't sit right with you, that means you probably can't use our Services. Mic drop!

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