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Instead of sending a new message …

You can reply to that thread with a new subject line.

How to Change Subject Line in Gmail

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Let’s make it clear.

You can only change subject line in Gmail when replying or forwarding an email, not for a message you already sent.


I can’t change the subject line of a thread?

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Changing the subject line in a thread only affects future emails in that conversation.

Here’s how to edit the subject line of a Gmail message when replying or forwarding:

On Your Computer/PC (Gmail website)

1. Find the Email in Question

2. Click Reply or Forward


3. Edit Subject. (By clicking the small downward-facing arrow next to your email address)


3. Type in Your New Subject line

And Click the ”SendButton


On Your Mobile Device (Gmail app)

1. Open the Gmail App and Go to the Email

2. Tap “Reply” or Forward


3. Edit Subject. By tapping directly on the current subject line and typing your new subject


And Tapthe ”SendButton


If I change the subject line …

Will it move to a new thread?

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Changing the subject line in Gmail won’t necessarily create an entirely new thread.

  • Slight Change. If you make a minor change to the subject line (e.g., adding a “Re:” or changing a word), Gmail will likely keep the message in the same conversation thread.
  • Significant Change. A more drastic change to the subject line (e.g., removing all the original words and replacing them with something different) has a higher chance of causing Gmail to treat it as a new conversation. This will start a separate thread.

Gmail uses the subject line, along with other factors, to determine if emails are part of the same conversation.

If you absolutely need a new thread, change the subject line completely, or Start a new email.

If you don’t want a new thread, simply continue the conversation on the original thread.


Can I change it back?

And will that put it back to the original thread?

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Unfortunately, changing the subject line back to the original won’t automatically put it back into the original thread.

Again, If maintaining an existing thread is important, Only make minor edits to the subject line.



How Do You Choose an Email Subject?

01. Personalize
02. Make it Precise
03. Avoid Spam Trigger Words
04. Make it Actionable

What Is the Subject in Gmail?

In Gmail, the subject line is the short line at the top of the email composition window where you can enter a title or summary for the email.

How Do I Edit a Sent Email in Gmail?

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How Do You Undo a Sloppy Subject Line?

  • Reply with Edit Subject. Please refer for the steps.
  • Undo Send. In Gmail settings for a 30-second window to cancel sending.
  • Followup with Corrections. Forward the sent email, apologize for any errors and provide a corrected version of the content.


You can’t edit a subject line of an email that has already been sent. You can only reply using a new subject line.

If you want to capitalize your subject lines here is an awesome free tool to help you with that.


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