Not Just the First 50 Unread Emails …

Bet You Wanna Delete All Unread Emails at Once! 😀


How to Delete All Unread Emails in Gmail at Once

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Using “is:unread”

Step – 01

Go to your Gmail Search box and enter is:unread

Like this πŸ‘‡


Step – 02

Click on the selection check box.


Step – 03

Click on Select all conversations that match this searchwhich appears as a blue link below the toolbar.

This will select all the unread emails, not just the first 50 in the list.


Step – 04

Click on the delete/trash icon and wait for Gmail to delete all unread emails.




Okay cool, but what if I wanna keep unread emails that are up to 3 months old?

Or from a specific sender only?

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It’s pretty simple actually …

How to Delete All Unread Emails in Gmail (With Filters)

Gmail filters work with any search item.

And that includes our case of is:unread search we did a minute ago.

So if you want to filter by sender, for example … you can use thefrom drop-down.

Like this πŸ‘‡


And if you want to filter by date, click on the “Any Time” drop-down.

You have options to filter unread emails older than a week, a month … what have you.


You can even do a custom date range.


Sweet! πŸ™

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Also, you have more filters like:

  • Has Attachment.
  • To. (Filter by the person YOU SENT TO)
  • Exclude Social.
  • Exclude Promotions.

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  1. Search for “is:unread”
  2. Filter the emails to your liking
  3. Select all matching conversations
  4. Delete away!

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