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24+ Fresh Sources of Web Design Inspiration for your Online Brand

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Good artists copy. Great artists steal.” right? 👀

As a designer, it’s natural to be inspired by others’ work. Imitation can be a sincere form of flattery and a chance to learn.

But the really skillful designers take those inspirations as a jumping off point 💡 to create something new and original.


Correct …

I’m mostly looking for UI/UX Inspirations too.

I’ll Be Updating This List as I Come Across New Web Design Inspirations in the Future

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Here is a collection of the most highly rated, well rounded, and visually-appealing web design inspiration resources available on the internet.

1. Pinterest, Behance, Dribbble

Let’s first knockoff the big three.

As of writing this article, Pinterest has a whopping 444 million monthly active users.

Behance is a platform designed for designers, showcasing top-notch work 🎨 from renowned individuals and agencies.

Dribbble is a community where creatives can showcase their work and look for job opportunities.


Behance is really great too.

A couple of designers I admire on there are: Uprock and Victoria Roussel.

Next up.

2. Awwwards

Awwwards is a competition for professional web design and development.

So by design it only showcases award-winning websites, vetted by industry experts.

Maximalist sites, bold and colorful joints, interactive experiences 😍 – all the flavors are there.


Who are the Industry Experts?

And did you say “Maximalist”?

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The industry experts or “The Jury” (as they call them) are a collection of creative directors 🧑‍🎨 and founders.

And yes: they are tough to impress so most of the submissions here can take a maximalist approach and stuff as much UI elements and animations as possible.

But you can still find Minimal designs 🔎 here and there …


I was once actually nominated on Awwwards.

And my site has a Minimal Design.

3. Httpster

Dom built httpster in 2012 as a place to save cool finds.

The dynamic “ruler” on the right gives you an idea of when the website was posted.


Just scroll away and discover totally rocking websites made by people from all over the world

Most of the sites here utilize trendy UI and big typography.

“Good Design Is not About Adding More”.

4. Godly

Godly.Website it self is well designed.

That’s because it’s curated by the people behind Endless: a design agency.


They have a high bar 👑 when it comes to the quality of the design they curate.

It has to be “astronomically good”.


Whoa … it’s alive!

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One of the site’s standout features is its use of video thumbnails. Instead of just seeing a static image, you’ll get a glimpse of the home page in action.

You can filter designs by genre, such as AI, Web3, E-commerce, and more.

5. Land-Book

Land-Book curates everything by hand!

And they update the site daily! …


Damn … 🫢

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They highlight exceptional landing page designs from around the web.

Most of the websites I found here seem unique and I don’t see others covering them …


You can sort websites by style, industry, type, portfolios, blogs, and more.

6. Dark Mode Design

Websites on Dark Mode Design are …



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Well, yeah … 😎

It showcases inspirational examples of dark-theme designed websites.

All the listings look exceptionally unique!

7. Tiny Blocks

Tiny Blocks showcases notable & inspiring user interfaces from the web.

And is curated by creatives.


Most of the sites here are on the “Minimal” side …

Which I like.

The filters aren’t a headache as well. You even have the color filter …

So you can see sites with a certain color palette.


Sweet. ✨

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Now here is an interesting one.

8. Brutalist Websites

The Brutalist Websites site shows off and celebrates websites with a brutalist look.


What’s a “Brutalist” look? 🫤

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Brutalism is a design style that started in architecture in the mid 1950s and 1960s.

The point is to go against the industry standards and intentionally break away from traditional design norms and conventions.

It’s raw, 💪 bold, asymmetrical and really … brutal.

9. Best Website Gallery

Best Website Gallery is managed by David Hellmann.

Even his personal site deserves to be in the gallery, I mean look 👇


Best Website Gallery, similar to Awwwards has SOTD (Site of the day), and votes.


Another unique thing about this one is it shows you the whole page as one screenshot for each list.

Like this 👇


10. Site Inspire

8,400+ curated sites, which can be filtered by style, type or subject, and the platform it was made with …

That’s Site Inspire.


The platform it was made with?

Now that’s good.

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They say they get around 200 submissions/day!

So there’s plenty to explore here.

11. The FWA

Sites featured on The FWA are mostly insane! 😂

Most of them are not just sites, they are “Projects”.

They have an interactive home page and most of them have some type of 3D experience and sound.


Submissions to this Gallery costs 💵 £70.50 GBP, so the websites on there really think they have some thing cool.

FWA has some thing they call Live Judging, in which they stream the Jury’s decision Making process!

More Than Half of All Website Traffic Comes From Mobile Devices.

12. Pixels

If you want to learn from websites with best copy or best color palette, then this is that.

Pixels curates mostly “light-weight” websites that know what they’re doing.


You don’t get filters here, but you can choose between Designs and Colors.

And you can shuffle the list by clicking on the shuffle button.

13. The Whimsical Web

The Whimsical Web features sites that spark joy!



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Sites with a special little thing or an interactive element that’s just there to be different.

Just for an extra bit of fun.

14. Hoverstates

Hoverstates curates only websites that have an impressive hover state element interaction.

Such a small detail to focus on and yet, there is an entire website dedicated to it. 🔥

They’re the home of alternative design, code, and content on the web, and they’ve been around since 2012.


Most of the sites they feature are quirky and different, and that’s what makes them so interesting.

The team behind Hoverstates, Mike Guppy and Dan Powell are very active, so you can expect to see fresh content added frequently.

15. Footer

Only Footers

Yes, that’s right. If you want to look at Just footer designs … here you go.

Niched = Better Quality


It has no search functionality.

But you have Filters to make up for it.

16. Minimal Gallery

Minimal Gallery: Yet another Web Design Inspiration site.

This one seems to focus on Minimal Websites.

It also has filters, and a weekly newsletter …


The site was made by Made by Piet Terheyden since 2013, nearly 10+ years ago. 😲

And I don’t hate his taste.

17. Landingfolio

Landingfolio is all about Landing Page Design.

You can browse by industry, design style, or features …

Or you can explore individual components like hero sections, calls to action, and forms to see how they’re implemented in different landing pages.


Landingfolio also offers a library of free and premium landing page templates

18. UX Bites

UX Bites by Built For Mars, are nuggets of wisdom are designed to be easily digestible and often focus on specific interactions, principles, and psychological concepts relevant to UX design.


Each “bite” tackles a specific aspect of UX, ranging from interaction patterns like “pull to refresh” to broader concepts like “framing” and “user delight.”

Some Ecom Websites Strategically Use Color Palettes to Influence Customer Behavior.

19. Design Inspiration

Designspiration has a lovely scrolling feed that resembles some thing like Pinterest.

You can save the designs kinda like a mood board.


This one is sort of general, 😅 but you discover and curate visual inspiration from the bulk …

Basically it’s a vast collection of high-quality images in categories like art, photography, typography, architecture, and web design.

20. Muzli

Muzli is a browser extension and website that delivers design projects and news each time you open a new tab in your browser. 👀

  • Latest web design projects and news
  • Award-winning websites and logos
  • Discover mobile-friendly apps
  • Unconventional and visually striking projects

It athers content from over 150 online sources.

Including Dribbble, Behance, Designspiration, Mashable …

21. CSS Design Awards

The CSS Design Awards is a website dedicated to showcasing outstanding website design that emphasizes the creativity and technical execution of CSS.


Similar to Awwwards, like with a Jury?

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It’s the best way to recognize talented designers and studios behind remarkable creations.


They have a Daily “Website of the Day” (WOTD) award 🏆 recognizing a single exceptional website daily.

People can vote for their favorite nominated websites.

22. One Page Love

One Page Love is a website dedicated to single-page websites, also known as “One Pagers.”

Founded in March 2008 by Rob Hope in Cape Town, South Africa, it acts as a hub for designers, developers, and anyone interested in single-page websites.


A curated collection of over 8,300 single-page websites showcasing diverse examples across various industries and design styles.

One Pager” builders believe that a website with many options and pages is probably bloated. 😇

If you’re thinking of building a one page website, then this is a good resource for you.

23. Happy Hues

Happy Hues showcases real-world examples of how colors can be used in your design projects.


Change the preorganized color palletes on the left or just choose your colors in the configuration under the main herosection.

you get the idea.

Super neat … I use it some times. 👌


That’s a neat concept!

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Oooh, you can even view the palettes full screen – just click ‘Toggle palettes’ and ‘Toggle section colors’ for a closer look

The site was build with Webflow.

Which is actually a great segue …

24. Webflow Showcase

Webflow Showcase is just what it sounds like.

If you use Webflow, (or even if you don’t) the Webflow Showcase is an excellent location to get website design ideas for your own work.


And if you didn’t know, Webflow is a program similar to Elementor that allows you to design a website without using any code.

And that’s 24!

More Sources


Calltoidea (Web Elements)

Calltoidea sets itself apart by providing a carefully selected collection of website design elements and specific page types, enabling users to discover inspiration for individual design components.


Siiimple is a minimalist CSS gallery featuring a meticulously selected, obsessively curated assortment of the most minimal websites on the internet.


The simplest and most random one on this list. Go to CSS DSGN and see for yourself, just a text list of websites A to Z.


BestProductSites is an expertly selected platform that offers a wide array of the latest and most innovative product design inspiration and resources.

Email Love

Emaillove is a thorough platform that offers inspiration, resources, and valuable tips for crafting successful email marketing campaigns.


The Best Landing Page Examples. Lapa.Ninja it self has been showcased on Product Hunt and offers free design resources like UI-kits.


There are tons of web design inspiration sources out there, but I’ve curated only the best ones for you.

No outdated or ad-heavy websites here! Each one offers something different, like a focus on a specific industry, a unique aesthetic, or a particular type of resource.

Know a great website I missed? Let me know, I’m all ears! 😁


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