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How to Use Email Permutator Tool

You don't always have to pay to find someone's email address!

Inspired by Jesse Avshalomov's Email Permutator+. (Because that tool was an http and was built in 2012, I felt we needed a new permutator tool that worked today).


How is it Different

From Metric sparrow's Email Permutator?

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Much better and instant permutations.

Up to 7 domains.


Can you tell me how it works?

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Just enter the First Name, Last Name and Domain. Those are the required fields. Middle and Nick Names are optional.

Like this:


Then what ... ?

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It has already given you the email permutations.

Copy it to your clipboard!


Paste the emails into Gmail's "To" field, then look for the one with the correct profile image.


Booyah! 😎


Amazing! 🤯

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A couple of things to note:

1. You can Add a Middle Name, or even a Nick Name to the mix (if you have them). They are optional.

2. And here is how you add multiple domains 👇


Make sure to separate them with commas.

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