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Golden Ratio

Calculate the Length of Segments Needed
to Divide an Element in the Golden Ratio.


How to Use Golden Ratio Calculator

The golden ratio is defined as (A + B): A = A: B, where A is the longer section, B is the shorter section, and their sum (A + B) creates a perfectly balanced relationship.

  • The “Shorter Section” field (B) will instantly display the corresponding length of the shorter section.
  • The “Whole Section” will unveil the sum of A and B, showcasing the golden ratio’s harmonious balance.

Okay, But why is there not a “Calculate” button?


As you change any of the fields, the calculator will dynamically recalculate the values. It automatically maintains the golden ratio’s balance without the need for manual updates.


Experiment with various settings for the larger portion (A) to see how they affect the shorter segment (B) and the overall result.

The calculator is a rudimentary yet interactive tool for understanding the beauty of the golden ratio. If you want to keep the total value (A + B), just click the Copy button labeled “Copy Total.”


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