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Instant PX to
Pt Converter

Instantly Convert Pixels to the
CSS Unit Pt, and Vice Versa.



PPI (Pixels Per Inch)


How to Use Instant PX to Pt Converter

This calculator instantly converts pixels to the CSS unit Pt.


Cool, so how do I convert?

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Easy: The calculations happen as you type, and you can simply click the copy button to copy the result to your clipboard.

Like this:


How about Px to REM?

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Umm ...

Convert PX to Other Units

Ofcourse you can turn pixels (px) into millimeters (mm), centimeters (cm), ems (em), or rems (rem), really fast.


Okay, cool.

Pixels and Points: The Basics

Converting Between Pixels and Points

When to Use Pixels vs Points

Why Is There a Pt. Measurement?

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