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Instantly Convert Pixels to the
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How to Use Instant PX to Pt Converter

This calculator instantly converts pixels to the CSS unit Pt.


Cool, so how do I convert?


Easy: The calculations happen as you type, and you can simply click the copy button to copy the result to your clipboard.

​Like this:


How about Px to REM?


Umm …

Convert PX to Other Units

Of course you can turn pixels (px) into millimeters (mm), centimeters (cm), ems (em), or rems (rem), really fast.


Okay, cool.

Pixels and Points: The Basics

Converting Between Pixels and Points

While pixels and points are different units of measurement, they are closely related, and you can convert from one to the other.

Using the standard 96 PPI (Pixels Per Inch), there are roughly 1.333 pixels in a point.

Therefore, you can convert pixels to points by dividing the number of pixels by 1.333, and you can convert points to pixels by multiplying the number of points by 1.333.

For example, to convert 16px to points:

16px / 1.333 = ~12pt

And to convert 12pt to pixels:

12pt * 1.333 = ~16px

Of course this conversion assumes a screen resolution of 96 PPI, which is the case for many desktop monitors, but not all devices. On devices with different resolutions, the ratio of pixels to points can vary.

When to Use Pixels vs Points

Why Is There a Pt. Measurement?