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Reverse CAGR

Estimate the Final Value of an Investment,
Based on Compounded Annual Growth Rate.

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CAGR = Compounded Annual Growth Rate



Can I calculate CAGR using this tool?


How to Use Reverse CAGR Calculator

When you know the compound annual growth rate (CAGR), you can use the Reverse CAGR Calculator to predict the future value, also known as the Final Amount or Maturity Value, of an investment.


Simply enter these and the calculator will instantly output the total worth of your investment in real-time, allowing you to make educated financial decisions based on your investment plan.

You can simply predict the end value of an investment using this calculator by filling in some key data such as the starting investment amount, CAGR rate, and time duration. Reverse CAGR Calculator is a quick and accurate approach for predicting the growth of your investments.


For example, using an initial investment amount of $10,000 in four years and two months time, with a CAGR of  25% ...

You'd get a final value of $25,339.13


The calculator also gives you an approximate time of when your investment will double in the given parameters. In your example, it would be 2.88 Yrs. You can then simply click the "Copy Value" button to copy the Final Value in Dollars.


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