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Winning Percentage Calculator (Ratio)

Calculate Win to Loss Ratio and Win
Rate Using This Instant Calculator


Here is how you can use this tool.

How to Use Winning Percentage Calculator

It’s simple, it’s instant: just input the Number of Wins, Losses, and Ties (optional), and BAAM! The winning percentage calculator will auto generate win rate and win ratio percentage for you.


Hit the “Copy %” button to copy the Win Rate in percentage to your clipboard.


What about Ties?


It will work with or without Ties, if have them – you may add them in.

Winning Percentage Formula

Winning Percentage Calculator With Ties

Here’s where things get interesting. If there are tie games involved, the formula adjusts slightly. Ties are considered as half a win. The formula becomes:

Winning Percentage = (2 × Number of Wins + Number of Ties) / (2 × Total Games Played) × 100

This modification accounts for the added complexity of tied games. In this context, the total games played include wins, losses, and ties.

Baseball Winning Percentage Calculator

Let’s say the “Diamond Dynamos” have completed a marathon of 80 games this season. Among these, they celebrated 45 wins, faced 20 losses, and held their ground in 15 tied games. What would be their winning percentage considering the ties?

Winning Percentage = (Wins + 0.5 × Ties) / Total Games Played

Winning Percentage = (45 + 0.5 × 15) / 80 = 0.75

What About the Win Ratio Calculator

Simple: Win-to-loss ratios are another valuable metric derived from the winning percentage formula. This ratio reveals the relationship between victories and defeats, shedding light on overall performance. Calculating it involves dividing the number of wins by the number of losses.

Win-to-Loss Ratio = Number of Wins / Number of Losses

Win Rate Vs. Win Ratio