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Instantly Convert Pixels to the
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Parent Element's Font Size


How to Use Instant PX to EM Converter

This amazing calculator effortlessly translates pixel measurements into the EM unit of CSS.

By default, the calculator assumes a standard parent element's font size of 16 pixels, widely used in web development. However, you have the flexibility to customize this default setting according to your preferred font size.


And, how do I use it?

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Witness the magic as the calculations update dynamically while you type, and with just a single click on the copy button, easily transfer the result to the clipboard.

Like this:


How about Px to other units?

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Convert PX to Other Units

Yes, you can turn pixels (px) into points (pt), centimeters (cm), rems (rem), or millimeters (mm), super fast.


I love that!

Pixels and EMs: The Basics

Pixel to EM Conversion

Pixel vs EM: Why Does It Matter?

Is EM Supported?

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